Friendship Collectables

Angel of Friendship
Friendship is the sweetest gift
Price: $20.94
 Like our friendship, vibrant and ever-constant Size: 5.5 Inches Tall Made with Resin Introduction 2012 
Price: $22.92
Friendship keepsake Box
Forever true, forever friends
Price: $16.92
Angel of Friendship Ornament
For holidays or for everyday, ornaments celebrate life's milestones in a small, commemorative format.
Price: $15.88
Friendship Plaque
Forever true, forever friends Stand included
Price: $18.99
Angel of Friendship Trellis
For those who share the spirit of friendship
Price: $16.99
I'm so grateful for your friendship
Price: $32.94
Free to sing, laugh, dance...create!
Price: $21.91
Happiness Ornament
Free to sing, laugh, dance...create! - Happiness Ornament from Willow Tree.
Price: $11.99
Heart and Soul
Open hearts, sharing souls, trusted friends
Price: $33.93
Just for YOU
With sincere thanks - Just for YOU from Willow Tree.
Price: $19.92
Just for You Trellis Ornament
With sincere thanks - Just for You Trellis Ornament from Willow tree.
Price: $22.99
Miss You
In my thoughts, in my heart 5"h figure
Price: $14.91
Quiet Strength
Always there for me Stand included
Price: $18.99
Sisters by Heart
Celebrating a treasured friendship of sharing and understanding 4.5"h figure
Price: $33.92
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